Brake Motor with Hand Released Suit to Inverter Frame Size 225 45kw 4p

Brake Motor with Hand Released Suit to Inverter Frame Size 225 45kw 4p

YXVFEJ IE2 A few Section AC Variable frequency motor with brake

Widely used in metallurgy, chemistry, textile, pharmacy, printing, packing and foodstuff market on the equipment or products by which adjustable velocity is necessary, like admirer, pump, numerical management device, machining middle, and so on.

CZPT Description

  • Frame dimensions: 80 to 315    
  • Rated output: .eighteen to 200kW          
  • Insulation class: F            
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Performance amounts: IE2
  • Frequency assortment for 2P: (three) five-100Hz (body measurement 80-250)
  •                                         (3) five-70Hz (frame dimension 280)
                                            (3) five-60Hz (frame dimension 315-355)
  • Frequency variety for four, six, eight, 10P: (three) 5-100Hz
  • Diploma of protection: IP55 (motor) & IP23 (brake)

           Braking method: Electricity failure brake

  • Rectification code: 50 percent wave rectification


*Stepless speed regulation in a wide range
*Good performance, vitality saving
*Higher-quality insulation materials and particular technological can stand up to large frequency pulse influence
*Divided enthusiast for compelled-air flow
*Electromagnetic brake, Quick braking.

Optional Characteristics:
Insulation Course:H
Thermal Defense: PTC Thermistor, Thermostat or PT100
Other people mountings
Defense Degree:IP55, IP56
Sealing:Lip seal, Oil seal
CZPT Heater
Drain Gap

Requirements of cooling blower for the motor

Motor Frame eighty 90 a hundred 112 132 one hundred sixty 180 200 225 250 280 315  
Cooling Admirer (W)
30 42 fifty two fifty five fifty five eighty 80 a hundred and fifty 200 230 320 seven hundred  
.09 .16 .eighteen .18 .19 .26 .thirty .six .6 .6 one.8  
Voltage CZPT 380V, but blower of other voltage can be CZPT based on user’s prerequisite.
Optional Encoder Incremental Encoder

CZPT Information of the Brake

Frame Stroke of the Armature
No-load braking time
Braking torque
Excitation Voltage
Brake Excitation Energy
YXVFEJ80 1. seventy two seven.5 ninety nine fifty
YXVFEJ90 one. ninety five fifteen ninety nine sixty
YXVFEJ100 one. a hundred and twenty 30 ninety nine 80
YXVFEJ112 one. one hundred thirty forty one hundred seventy one hundred ten
YXVFEJ132 one.2 a hundred and forty 80 170 130.
YXVFEJ160 1.2 a hundred and eighty 150 a hundred and seventy a hundred and fifty
YXVFEJ180 1.two 210 two hundred a hundred and seventy one hundred fifty
YXVFEJ200 one.5 250 three hundred a hundred and seventy two hundred
YXVFEJ225 1.five 270 450 170 two hundred
YXVFEJ250 1.six 285 600 a hundred and seventy 210
YXVFEJ280 one.8 320 850 170 340
YXVFEJ315 1.eight 375 2000 170 400

Mounting Kind
Typical mounting type and appropriate body measurement are provided in subsequent table(with “√”)

Body basic type derived sort
B3 B5 B35 V1 V3 V5 V6 B6 B7 B8 V15 V36 B14 B34 V18
132~a hundred and sixty

If there is no other request in the buy or arrangement, terminal box common position is at the appropriate aspect of the frame data above may be changed CZPT prior observe.

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Brake Motor with Hand Released Suit to Inverter Frame Size 225 45kw 4p