Chimp Pumps Yd Series Multi-Speed Asynchronous AC Electric Motor

Chimp Pumps Yd Series Multi-Speed Asynchronous AC Electric Motor

Product Information
Standard Information&period of time
Model NO&time period&colonYD90L
Velocity&colonHigh Pace
Variety of Stator&colonThree-Stage
Casing Protection&colonClosed Sort
Number of Poles&colon2
CZPTting Method&colonDirect on-line CZPTting
Certification&colonCZPT&comma CCC&comma CE
Brand name&colonChimp &sol OEM
Bundle&colonStrong Carton Packing with Export CZPT&interval
Trademark&colonCHIMP &sol OEM
Foundation Center Height&colon63-315mm
Electrical power Selection&colon0&period45-20 Kw
Nsulation Class&colonB or F
Protection Course&colonIP54 &lparor IP55&rpar
Perform System&colonS1
HS Code&colon850152000
Manufacturing Potential&colon1500 Items Per Working day

Product Description

YD collection Pole-modifying Multi-speed A few-stage motor of unified design  with superb performance&commagood physical appearance&commabetter interoperability with other comparable goods from overseas&periodProtection class is IP44 

Rated Parameters
Base Middle Top&colon63-315mm                                 Power Variety&colon &period45-20 kW
Nsulation Class&colon B or F                                                Protection Class&colon IP54 &lparor IP55&rpar
Perform Method&colon S1                                                            

Mounting Construction&colon

B3 Body CZPT foot cover finish flange
B35 Body with foot cover stop flange
B5 Frame with foot include conclude flange

Sort Output Rated present Rated pace η Energy aspect Locked-rotor recent
Rated present
Locked-rotor torque
Rated troque
Pull-out torque
Rated torque
KW IN&lparA&rpar nN&lparrmp&rpar &lpar&percnt&rpar &lparcos Φ&rpar Tst&solTN Ist&solTN  
YD90L &period45 one&period9 seven hundred fifty eight &period63 1&period5 5&period5 1&period8
&period75 one&period92 1420 72 &period87 1&period5 six&period5 one&period8
YD100L &period85 three&period1 700 sixty eight &period63 one&period5 five&period5 1&period8
one&period5 three&period5 1420 seventy five &period88 1&period5 six&period5 one&period8
YD112M 1&period5 5&period0 seven hundred seventy five &period63 one&period5 five&period5 one&period8
2&period4 five&period3 1420 seventy eight &period88 1&period5 six&period5 1&period8
YD132S 2&period2 7&period0 720 75 &period64 1&period5 5&period5 one&period8
3&period3 7&period1 1440 80 &period88 one&period5 six&period5 1&period8
YD132M 3 nine&period0 720 78 &period65 1&period5 five&period5 1&period8
4&period5 9&period4 1440 82 &period88 one&period5 6&period5 1&period8
YD160M 5 13&period9 730 83 &period66 one&period5 5&period5 1&period8
seven&period5 fifteen&period2 1450 84 &period89 one&period5 6&period5 one&period8
YD160L 7 19&period0 730 eighty five &period66 1&period5 five&period5 1&period8
11 21&period8 1450 86 &period89 one&period5 six&period5 1&period8
YD180L eleven 26&period0 730 86 &period74 1&period5 six one&period8
seventeen 31&period5 1470 87 &period92 one&period5 seven one&period8
YD200L1 fourteen 33&period0 740 86 &period74 1&period5 6 1&period8
22 41&period3 1470 88 &period92 1&period5 seven 1&period8
YD200L2 seventeen 40&period1 740 87 &period74 one&period5 six one&period8
26 48&period8 1470 88 &period92 1&period5 seven 1&period8
YD225M 24 53&period2 740 89 &period77 one&period4 six 1&period8
34 sixty six&period7 1480 88 &period88 one&period3 seven 1&period8
YD250M 30 sixty four&period9 740 90 &period78 1&period4 6 one&period8
42 78&period8 1480 89 &period91 1&period3 7 one&period8
YD280S forty eighty three&period5 740 ninety one &period80 one&period4 6 one&period8
fifty five 102 1480 ninety &period91 1&period3 seven 1&period8
YD280M 47 ninety six&period9 680 ninety one &period81 one&period4 6 1&period8
sixty seven 122&period9 930 ninety &period92 1&period3 seven 1&period8
YD90S &period35 one&period6 680 fifty six &period60 1&period4 6 1&period8
&period45 1&period4 930 70 &period72 1&period3 seven 1&period8
YD90L &period45 one&period9 710 59 &period60 one&period5 5 one&period8
&period65 1&period9 950 seventy one &period73 one&period5 six 1&period8
YD100L &period75 2&period9 710 sixty five &period60 1&period5 five one&period8
one&period1 three&period1 950 seventy five &period73 1&period5 6 1&period8
YD112M one&period3 4&period5 710 seventy two &period61 1&period5 five 1&period8
1&period8 four&period8 950 78 &period73 one&period5 six one&period8
YD132S one&period8 5&period8 730 75 &period62 one&period5 five 1&period8
two&period4 six&period2 970 80 &period73 one&period5 six one&period8
YD132M 2&period6 eight&period2 730 78 &period62 1&period5 5 one&period8
three&period7 nine&period4 970 82 &period73 1&period5 six 1&period8
YD160M 4&period5 thirteen&period3 930 83 &period62 one&period5 5 1&period8
six 14&period7 980 85 &period73 one&period5 6 one&period8
YD160L 6 17&period5 930 84 &period62 one&period5 5 1&period8
8 19&period4 980 86 &period73 1&period5 six 1&period8
YD180M 7&period5 21&period9 930 eighty four &period62 one&period5 5 1&period8
ten 24&period2 980 86 &period73 one&period5 six 1&period8
YD180L 9 24&period8 730 eighty five &period65 one&period5 5 one&period8
twelve 28&period3 980 86 &period75 1&period5 six 1&period8
YD200L1 12 32&period5 730 86 &period65 1&period5 five one&period8
17 39&period1 980 87 &period76 1&period5 6 one&period8
YD200L2 fifteen forty&period3 730 87 &period65 1&period5 5 1&period8
twenty 45&period4 980 88 &period76 1&period5 6 1&period8
YD100L &period75&sol1&period3&sol1&period8 2&period62&sol3&period66&sol4&period53 940&sol1420&sol2880 67&sol72&sol71 &period65&sol0&period75&sol0&period85 1&period8&sol1&period6&sol1&period6 5&period5&sol6&sol7 1&period8&sol1&period8&sol1&period8
YD112M 1&period1&sol2&sol2&period4 3&period52&sol5&period14&sol5&period80 940&sol1440&sol2890 seventy three&sol74&sol74 &period65&sol0&period81&sol0&period85 1&period7&sol1&period4&sol1&period6 5&period5&sol6&sol7 1&period8&sol1&period8&sol1&period8
YD132S 1&period8&sol2&period6&sol3 five&period14&sol6&period10&sol7&period38 940&sol1440&sol2900 seventy five&sol78&sol71 &period71&sol0&period83&sol0&period87 1&period4&sol1&period3&sol1&period7 five&period5&sol6&sol7 1&period8&sol1&period8&sol1&period8
YD132M1 2&period2&sol3&period3&sol4 6&period03&sol7&period46&sol8&period79 940&sol1440&sol2900 seventy seven&sol80&sol76 &period72&sol0&period84&sol0&period91 1&period3&sol1&period3&sol1&period7 5&period5&sol6&sol7 one&period8&sol1&period8&sol1&period8
YD132M2 two&period6&sol4&sol5 6&period86&sol9&period04&sol10&period8 940&sol1440&sol2900 80&sol80&sol77 &period72&sol0&period84&sol0&period91 one&period5&sol1&period4&sol1&period7 five&period5&sol6&sol7 one&period8&sol1&period8&sol1&period8
YD160M 3&period7&sol5&sol6 nine&period52&sol11&period2&sol13&period2 940&sol1440&sol2900 eighty one&sol81&sol76 &period72&sol0&period84&sol0&period91 1&period5&sol1&period3&sol1&period4 five&period5&sol6&sol7 1&period8&sol1&period8&sol1&period8
YD160L four&period5&sol7&sol9 11&period4&sol15&period1&sol18&period8 970&sol1490&sol2930 eighty three&sol83&sol79 &period72&sol0&period85&sol0&period92 one&period5&sol1&period21&period3 five&period5&sol6&sol7 1&period8&sol1&period8&sol1&period8
YD112M &period65&sol2&sol2&period4 two&period66&sol5&period14&sol5&period80 910&sol1460&sol2930 59&sol74&sol74 &period63&sol0&period81&sol0&period85 one&period4&sol1&period3&sol1&period2 four&period5&sol6&sol7 one&period8&sol1&period8&sol1&period8
YD132S 1&sol2&period6&sol3 three&period16&sol6&period10&sol7&period08 710&sol1440&sol2900 69&sol78&sol74 &period61&sol0&period83&sol0&period87 1&period4&sol1&period2&sol1&period4 4&period5&sol6&sol7 1&period8&sol1&period8&sol1&period8
YD132M one&period3&sol3&period7&sol4&period5 4&period56&sol8&period37&sol10&period0 710&sol1440&sol2900 71&sol80&sol75 &period61&sol0&period84&sol0&period91 one&period5&sol1&period3&sol1&period4 4&period5&sol6&sol7 one&period8&sol1&period8&sol1&period8
YD160M two&period2&sol5&sol6 seven&period55&sol11&period2&sol13&period2 710&sol1440&sol2900 seventy five&sol81&sol76 &period59&sol0&period84&sol0&period91 one&period4&sol1&period3&sol1&period4 4&period5&sol6&sol7 one&period8&sol1&period8&sol1&period8
YD160L 2&period8&sol7&sol9 nine&period21&sol15&period10&sol18&period80 720&sol1460&sol2930 77&sol83&sol79 &period60&sol0&period85&sol0&period92 one&period3&sol1&period2&sol1&period3 five&period5&sol6&period5&sol7 one&period8&sol1&period8&sol1&period8
YD112M &period85&sol1&sol1&period5 three&period72&sol3&period06&sol3&period53 710&sol940&sol1400 62&sol68&sol75 &period56&sol0&period73&sol0&period86 1&period4&sol1&period2&sol1&period4 5&period5&sol6&period5&sol7 one&period8&sol1&period8&sol1&period8
YD132S one&period1&sol1&period5&sol1&period8 four&period10&sol4&period22&sol4&period03 710&sol940&sol1440 sixty eight&sol74&sol78 &period60&sol0&period73&sol0&period87 one&period4&sol1&period3&sol1&period3 5&period5&sol6&period5&sol7 1&period8&sol1&period8&sol1&period8
YD132M1 one&period5&sol2&sol2&period2 5&period18&sol5&period41&sol4&period87 710&sol940&sol1440 seventy one&sol77&sol79 &period62&sol0&period37&sol0&period87 one&period3&sol1&period5&sol1&period4 5&period5&sol6&period5&sol7 one&period8&sol1&period8&sol1&period8
YD132M2 one&period8&sol2&period6&sol3 six&period13&sol6&period84&sol6&period55 710&sol940&sol1440 seventy two&sol78&sol80 &period62&sol0&period74&sol0&period87 one&period5&sol1&period5&sol1&period5 5&period5&sol6&period5&sol7 one&period8&sol1&period8&sol1&period8
YD160M three&period3&sol4&sol5&period5 10&period2&sol9&period87&sol11&period6 720&sol970&sol1460 79&sol81&sol83 &period62&sol0&period76&sol0&period87 1&period7&sol1&period4&sol1&period5 5&period5&sol6&period5&sol7 1&period8&sol1&period8&sol1&period8
YD160L 4&period5&sol6&sol7&period5 thirteen&period8&sol14&period5&sol15&period6 720&sol970&sol1460 eighty&sol83&sol84 &period62&sol0&period76&sol0&period87 one&period6&sol1&period6&sol1&period5 5&period5&sol6&period5&sol7 one&period8&sol1&period8&sol1&period8

HangCZPT Qiantao Pumps Co&time period&comma Ltd&period of time is a modern business with a combination of improvement&comma production&comma services&interval It is specialised in generating electrical pump and motor with more than fifty series and one thousand technical specs&period
Our company centers on individuals&comma outfitted with a large technologies team and management expertise&comma forming substantial human source and strong technological innovation advantagement&period

We very own sophisticated electric powered pumps and assembly line for motors as well as online computerized tests programs&period of time All these equipments supply favorable controlling problem and reputable detecting approaches&interval Our organization has passed the CZPT&colon2000 global good quality system certification and “3C” electrician solution certification&period of time The products have won the generating licence granted by the national specialized supervision bureau and “Agricultural CZPT popularization licence” granted by the national agriculture ministry&time period

CZPTers’ gratification is the everlasting pursuit of “Qiantao” personnel&period of time Quality and credit score standing is the forever major subject of Qiantao&period of time We sincerely wish to cooperate and produce jointly with all companions&period At the same time&comma we warmly welcome the new and outdated customers from home and abroad to do organization with us and direct us&period of time

At all times&comma Qiantao Pump Organization is appling ourselves to normalized technology improvement and top quality administration construction&interval We continually solidify&comma perfect and increase the firm’s overall high quality administration regular&interval We also popularize ISO9000 quality administration program&interval These not only uprise the administration regular&comma assure the merchandise high quality&comma reinforce the managing belief of “CZPTers’ gratification is Qiantao people’s persistent pursuit&time period Quality and credit score standing is the without end major subject matter of Qiantao&time period”&comma but also get the customers’ trust&interval

Chimp Pumps Yd Series Multi-Speed Asynchronous AC Electric Motor