Grinding Ball Mill for Grinding Gold Ore, Lead-Zinc Ore, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Iron Ore and Construction Material.

Grinding Ball Mill for Grinding Gold Ore, Lead-Zinc Ore, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Iron Ore and Construction Material.

The ball mill is the most broadly employed gear in industyr grinding, the grid  type ball mill and overflow ball millis utilized in the mineral processing sector and other industrial sectors .Dry sort grid type ball mill is primarily utilized for industrial milling, mostly utilized for grinding components industries.

Structure of ball mill

The ball mill is usually composed of cylinder, liner, feeder, hollow shaft, bearing, transmission gadget and lubrication program. The composition of the ball mill is launched with the case in point of the 3200x5400mm overflow ball mill under.

1)Cylinder of ball mill

The  cylinder  is welded by a quantity of thick thirty-32mm metal plates, with flange plates welded at both finishes so as to link to the casting end covers. The cylinder is geared up with a alternative liner. In purchase to make the liner speak to tightly with the cylinder and buffer the affect of the metal ball on the cylinder, plywood is utilized amongst the liner and the inner wall of the cylinder. In get to facilitate the alternative of the lining and the inner condition of the cylinder, a manhole  is opened on the cylinder body. The manhole is mainly rectangular, and the size is typically 350-550mm.


2)Feeding part of ball mill

The feeding portion is composed of an stop cover  with a hollow shaft neck, a joint feeder , a admirer-formed liner  and a shaft neck inner sleeve , etc. The internal neck of the hollow shaft can avoid the sporting of the interior surface of the axle neck. The internal surface of the inner sleeve is spiral and assists to feed. The feeder is bolted to the stop of the inner sleeve. The common use of the joint feeder, followed by the drum feeder and worm feeder, and so on.

three)Discharge part of ball mill

The discharging element is produced up o the conclude go over of the hollow neck,  the wedge , the heart liner  and the internal sleeve  of the axle neck, and  radial bars are put on the inner wall of the finish go over, which is equal to the partition board. There is a latticed plate among every single of the two bars and is pressed and mounted with a wedge. Wedge iron by the screw through the wall on the fastening ribs on the conclude cover. The centre component utilizes the center liner to maintain all the grid liners. The internal sleeve of the hollow shaft neck is made of a trumpet formed blade at 1 stop of the discharge grid to information the pulp naughty from the partition board to stream down the blade. The total discharge section is firmly set on the flange plate of the barrel as well as the feeding component.

four)Transmission part of ball mill

The transmission component is composed of huge gear wheel, pinion, transmission shaft and elastic coupling. The mill barrel is driven by the gear travel device by the motor  via the couplings. The gear drive system is composed of a gear ring and a transmission gear put in at the stop of the barrel. The transmission gear is mounted on the drive shaft, and the drive shaft is supported on the two double row centering rolling bearings in the bearing seat. The equipment cover is completely protected with a dustproof cover.

five)Major bearing of ball mill

The hollow Journal of the ball mill is supported on the self aligning principal sliding bearing. The principal bearing is created up of the lower bearing seat , the bearing cap , the reduced bearing bush with the Babbit alloy , the cylindrical pin  and the sealing ring. The bearing pedestal and the lower axle bush are made of spherical make contact with in purchase to compensate for the installation mistake. There is a cylindrical pin in the center of the foundation and the axle of the axle bush, which stops the Bush from sliding out of the bearing seat. The oil getting into the pipe is fanned into the journal bearing on the neck of the nozzle, and the oil right after the lubrication is returned to the tank by the exhaust pipe.

Overflow ball and grid ball mill

The construction of the overflow ball mill is generally the identical as that of the grid ball mill , but there is no material row in the cylinder end, and the reverse spiral blade is mounted on the inner surface area of the hollow neck bushing, which can return the pellets and coarse ore blocks in the pulp again to the mill.

In comparison with the overflow type ball mill, the positive aspects of grid type ball mill is the discharge pulp surface area is low, the pulp can go rapidly, can lessen the overgrinding the ball can be loaded, and the ball will not be discharged, excellent operating situations can be shaped below the exact same conditions, the manufacturing potential is higher. And the energy consumption is lower, it is slightly complex construction. But the overflow sort ball mill has the benefits of basic structure, management and servicing are handy, so the procedure fee is relatively substantial. Normally, the overflow type ball mill ought to be employed with the fantastic grinding fineness, and the grinder sort ball mill is suited for the coarse grinding fineness. (The adverse effects of too much grinding on ore dressing can be avoided ).

Functioning theory of ball mills

-The major part of overflow ball mill is a rotary cylinder supported by bearings which is revolved by transmitting equipment. Components are set in cylinder through the feed opening and then thoroughly grinded. The falling program of iron balls and ores can make huge slipping effect and autogenous grinding. The steady feeding of ores can produce significant pressure to make ores go from feed opening towards discharge opening. Last but not least, suitable particles are discharged from the discharge opening. Hollow shaft with the anti-spiral blade returns the metal ball and the coarse ore.

-The main element of grid ball mill is a rotation cylinder rotating slowly and gradually by the transmission system. The substance is fed from the cylinder inlet and grinded by the influence of metal ball and ore and self-grinding. Thanks to the constantly feeding content, the stress pushes material to the outlet and the grinded substance is discharged from the cylinder outlet. In damp grinding, content is taken out by h2o in dry grinding, the material is taken out by air. The grid installed in the outlet of mill is relied for compelled discharge. Low pulp floor in cylinder reduces the ore more than-grinding, and stop the steel ball out. Below the exact same production situations, production ability of grid mill is more substantial than overflow ball mill’s. 

Dry variety ball mill is a grid ball mill of horizontal rotating system with outer gear travel device, two hoppers. Materials evenly spirally enter into the initial hopper by means of hollow shaft, the warehouse has stepped lining board or corrugated liner board and distinct sizes of steel balls, the centrifugal drive developed by cylinder rotation delivers the metal balls to a specific top, then the falling balls pound and grind resources. After the rough grinding in the first hopper, by monolayer partition panel, the material will enter the next hopper, which has plane scale board with steel balls inside to grind material. The powder is discharged from grid plate and grinding procedure is completed.

Liner and grinding medium of ball mill

liners and grinding media are important factors of ball mills or indispensable for function, they are easy to dress in and eat a whole lot.

one)Liners of ball mill

Liner material can be created of difficult chromium steel, high manganese metal alloy forged iron, rubber and magnetic lining etc.. High manganese steel has enough affect toughness, and it can harden and become hard and wearable when subjected to a particular impact. For that reason, higher manganese metal is commonly used to make liners. However, large manganese metal processing engineering calls for large value and large cost. For grinding , the impact resistance of liner is not large, and other alloy solid iron with wear-resistant and cheaper alloy can be chosen. The defect of the steel liner is that it is not convenient for processing and forming, the good quality is huge and it is not easy to set up and disassemble.

The geometry and configuration of the liner have a immediate impact on the creation performance of the mill. For that reason , there are a number of diverse shapes of liners to meet up with the needs in distinct circumstances. In common, it can be divided into two varieties of liner, easy and unsmooth.

The sleek liner is ideal for good grinding simply because of the greater sliding of the steel ball and strong grinding and stripping. The unsmooth liner can bring the metal ball to the greater spot, have the better impact force, and have the robust agitation to the metal ball and the ore, so it is appropriate for the coarse grinding. The lengthy strip liner has the positive aspects of basic production, no or less screw fixation, compression only with conclude go over liner or wedge layering, practical set up and so on, which can also minimize the leakage of slurry along the screw hole and boost the power of the cylinder. In addition, angular spiral liner has been produced and adopted at house and abroad.

The rubber liner is typically a flat convex tree plate with an approximate rectangle, which is usually manufactured up of a K or B shape with a cylindrical bar (i.e., a lifting liner). Sinonine organization can supply different sorts, technical specs and use of rubber liner, and the good quality is excellent. It has been popularized in a lot of factories and mines, and the use influence is very good.

The thickness of the steel liner is normally fifty-150mm, and the thickness of the rubber liner is normally 40-80mm. The services daily life of the former is usually six months to one several years, and the latter can be up to three several years.

In recent years, the growth of magnetic liner is rapid, its functionality is growing, and it is steadily popularizing and implementing. The magnetic liners of ball mills are created of rubber or metal wrapped permanent magnetic components, so they are divided into two kinds: metallic magnetic liners and rubber magnetic liners. Magnetic liners can adsorb a layer of ferromagnetic material on the floor by magnetic force, so that resources and media can not immediately get in touch with with the lining surface during the working approach, so as to decrease lining use. At the identical time, it can also be adsorbed on the wall of ball mill, and it is not fastened with bolts. As the magnetic liner is lighter and thinner than the manganese metal liner, it also has the impact of saving strength and bettering the output. Due to the fact the granularity of first phase ball mill is massive, the influence force is great, and the wear is significant, so the magnetic liner is normally only suited for the 2nd phase ball mill.

2)Grinding medium of ball mill

The grinding medium is vital for the ball mill, and the consumption is quite large. It was all spherical, and then the casting and baseball media appeared. The diameter of the ball medium is about fifteen-125mm, and the diameter of the casting area is about 8-30mm, and the duration is about 8-40mm. Steel balls can be created by forging, rolling and casting. Steel ball is divided into carbon steel ball and alloy steel ball. In accordance to the material of carbon and alloy elements, there are high, medium and reduced carbon steel balls and higher, medium and low alloy steel balls. The ball is divided into common cast iron, alloy solid iron and normal multi component lower alloy cast iron ball. Soon after the metal ball is produced, it can be further taken care of by heat remedy to improve its dress in resistance. CZPTly, various dimension and different sorts of grinding balls need to be chosen in accordance to numerous certain situations, so as to accomplish the ideal grinding impact and get the ideal financial positive aspects.

Specification of overflow ball mill

Model Cylinder
Max. Ball Load (t) Weight
MQY0918 900 1800 22 .9 1.sixty six
MQY1212 1200 1200 18.5 one.fourteen two.four eleven.five
MQY1224 1200 2400 55 two.28 3.8 12.three
MQY1515 1500 1500 sixty 2.two six.4 fifteen.four
MQY1530 1500 3000 95 five 10
MQY2122 2100 2200 a hundred and fifty five six.six fourteen 46.eight
MQY2130 2100 3000 210 9 20 47.two
MQY2136 2100 3600 210 10.eight 22 fifty two
MQY2145 2100 4500 310 13.five 23.8 fifty eight
MQY2430 2400 3000 280 12.1 23 sixty nine
MQY2721 2700 2100 280 24 64
MQY2736 2700 3600 four hundred 17.eight 32 ninety seven
MQY2740 2700 4000 400 20.4 forty seventy nine
MQY3231 3200 3100 630 21.4 45 108
MQY3245 3200 4500 630 32.8 65 a hundred thirty
MQY3254 3200 5400 a thousand 37.two seventy three 121
MQY3645 3600 4500 1000 41.eight seventy six a hundred thirty five
MQY3650 3600 5000 1250 forty six.4 86 one hundred forty five
MQY3660 3600 6000 1250 fifty five.7 102 154
MQY3690 3600 9000 1800 eighty three 163 212
MQY3867 3800 6700 1600 70 one hundred thirty 186
MQY4067 4000 6700 1800 seventy eight 138 207
MQY4561 4500 6100 2200 93 151 238

Specification of grid type ball mill

Model Cylinder
Electrical power
Max. Ball Load (t) Excess weight
MQG 0571 900 900 18.five .45 .ninety six 4.six
MQG0918 900 1800 22 .nine 1.ninety two 5.three
MQG1212 1200 1200 22 one.fourteen two.4 11.five
MQG1224 1200 2400 55 2.28 three.96 13.two
MQG1515 1500 1500 60 two.five 5
MQG1530 1500 3000 95 five ten
MQG2122 2100 2200 a hundred and fifty five 6.six fifteen 45.4
MQG2130 2100 3000 210 nine 20 forty five.8
MQG2430 2400 3000 280 twelve.1 22.five 67
MQG2721 2700 2100 280 10.7 24 63
MQG2727 2700 2700 310 thirteen.8 29 68.5
MQG2736 2700 3600 400 18.four forty one ninety eight
MQG3231 3200 3100 630 22.5 45 a hundred and fifteen
MQG3236 3200 3600 630 24.eight fifty eight 119
MQG3245 3200 4500 800 32.8 65 138
MQG3639 3600 3900 a thousand 36.two 75 one hundred forty five
MQG3645 3600 4500 1250 forty one.eight ninety a hundred and sixty
MQG3650 3600 5000 1400 46.four ninety six 158
MQG3660 3600 6000 1600 fifty five.7 a hundred and twenty 189
MQG4060 4000 6000 1700 sixty nine.eight 137 214
MQG4560 4500 6000 2300 87 158 294

Specification of dry type ball mill

Model Shell rotary  pace(r/min) Max . ball demand(t) Enter dimensions (mm) Output measurement (mm) Ability (t/h) Energy (kw)
MQG900X1800 38 one.8 ≤25 .074-.6 .8-1 22
MQG900X3000 37.4 ≤25 .074-.3 .8 thirty
MQG1200x2400 32 four.8 ≤25 .074-.6 1.5-two forty five
MQG1200X4500 thirty 5.two ≤25 .074-.6 1.five fifty five
MQG1500x4500 28.8 10 ≤25 .074-.four three-four a hundred and ten
MQG1500x5700 28.8 twelve ≤25 .074-.four 3-5 130
MQG1500x6400 28.eight thirteen ≤25 .074-.four 3-five a hundred thirty
MQG1830x5400 24.five 15 ≤25 .074-.4 five-7 210
MQG18306400 24.five 19 ≤25 .074-.four 5-7 210
MQG1830x7000 24.five twenty ≤25 .074-.4 6-eight 245
MQG2200x7000 21.six 30 ≤25 .074-.eight eight-10 380
MQG2200x9000 21.four 34 ≤25 .074-.eight 8-ten 475
MQG2400x7000 twenty.four 36 ≤25 .074-.eight ten-fourteen 475
MQG2400x8000 20.four forty two ≤25 .074-.8 ten-14 560
MQG2600x8000 19.six 52 ≤25 .074-.8 16-twenty 630
MQG3000x9000 18.three 78 ≤25 .074-.8 20-25 1000

Grinding Ball Mill for Grinding Gold Ore, Lead-Zinc Ore, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Iron Ore and Construction Material.