My Ml Aly Housing Single Phase Motor

My Ml Aly Housing Single Phase Motor

Our business delivers Single-Stage Motor, if you are intrigued in it, please will not hesitate to contact us!


Numerous mounting sorts are CZPT for MS motor. 


ML motor is suited for widespread operating atmosphere and equipment CZPT specific prerequisite, like air-compressor, pump, fan, health-related apparatus and devices, modest devices etc. 


ML motor can be geared up with PTC. 


— Products CZPT 

Motor merchandise labeling confirms to the adhering to guidelines: Collection Code + Frame Size + Iron Main Length No. + Motor Poles 


Instance: MS ninety S – 2 

MS_indicates induction motor 

ninety_the second component signifies the top of motor centre (when the motor has no foot, it is very same to motor with foot) 

S_the 3rd component signifies the base iron core duration no. (S-Brief Base, M-Medium Foundation, L-Long Base) 

2_the forth element signifies the motor poles, this is a two poles motor, synchronous velocity is 3000 r/min (50Hz) 3600 r/min (60Hz) 


Provider Conditions 

–Ambient Temperature: -15° C~40° C 

–Altitude: Not exceed 1000 Meter 

–Rated Voltage: 380V or any voltage among 220-760V 

–Rated Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz 

–Protection Course: IP44, IP54, IP55 

–Insulation Course: B/F 

–Cooling Strategy: IC0141 

–Doing work Responsibility: S1(Steady) 

— Humidity: Decrease than 90% 

–Link: CZPT-link for up to 3Kw Delta-connection for 4Kw and earlier mentioned

My Ml Aly Housing Single Phase Motor