Plastic Wrapping Band Making Machine

Plastic Wrapping Band Making Machine

YZJLQD pp strap production device is composed of compelled extruder (principal equipment), cooling tank,1st stretching device,wind warmth stretching oven,2ND stretching device,character printer, embossing device, gentle-heat shaping oven, h2o tank for shaping, 3rd stretching unit and mild excess weight roller.The regular installation shall be in line and in purchase, and the technological process  of the machine as demonstrated in pursuing figure.


Strap width 12-22mm
producti thickness .60-one.4mm
Manufacturing velocity 100m/min
Stretching ratio five-seven
Max.output eighty-200kg/h

About Our Business

1. Review plastic strap making method given that 1995

two.Generate the plastic strap and the plastic strap making machinery at the same time.

Item Demonstrate

1.The primary equipment travel is composed of frequency handle motor and specific tough tooth-floor reducer for plastic extruding machine. Forming element is composed of screw feed barrel, frame head and die. The raw materials is heated from hopper to screw feed barrel, and the rough block is extruded.

2.The stretching unit is composed of frequency manage motor, band travel, carry-more than pinch roll and band press system, which conveys the strapping band formed in the oven to the embossing roller by way of have-over pinch roll, and then the fashioned band is made through the embossing roller.

three.The circulating wind heat stretching oven device is made up of drying place, adjustable band winding roller, heater, created-in tension device, admirer, and many others., which is used to heat the rough block. When the temperature of rough block fulfills the need for stretching, it is stretched and formed in the oven. This device adopts reciprocating band winding structure, which tends to make the complete length of heating line above 4 times of heating box physique. The circulating wind heat system may possibly preserve the indoor temperature constant to the highest extent, so the heat utilization may be improved significantly and the energy usage will be lowered. 

4.Mild excess weight curler is composed of torque motor, band push, gear drive, band winding spool and travel rod. Diverse pace ratio is acquired by way of equipment, and various goods might be winded in. The curler winds the recognized products and separates them as a single piece with specified shape and good quality. 

Soon after-revenue service

1.We give one-year guarantee promise for all the equipment.  We source long phrase spare parts for every customer and 24 hours specialized suport by e mail, calling and door to door service  

two.We run equipment in our factory prior to shipping. Clients verify equipment working in our factory, and  when devices arrive in Client’s factory, we will ship our engineer to run machines in client’s factory also.  

three. we supply provider guide and routine maintenance instruction of principal electric equipment,usage manual of equipment.

4.We also offer set up drawing of water, electrical energy, gasoline of tools.

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Plastic Wrapping Band Making Machine