Shenxi Ltd3 Traction Hoist

Shenxi Ltd3 Traction Hoist

Shenxi is the leading producer of traction hoist in China with 30 many years heritage.

Use: LTD3 traction hoist is the run unit of the ZLP300 suspended system. 
As for the scaled-down dimensions, it can be employed in some specific circumstance, this sort of as slender place.
It is an very good choice for the BMU system. 

When compared with electric winch/hoist, it has electromagnetic brake. It is safer.  

CZPT product LTD3
Rated lifting pressure 3KN
Rated load potential 300kg
Speed  7-9m/min 
Motor Model YEJ90L-4
Electricity .75KW
Stage three Stage
Speed 1420 r/m
Brake pressure instant fifteen Nm

Functioning theory: LTD5 Consists of electromagnetic brake motor, centrifugal speed limiter and twin speed reduction system and “α ” cable-guiding technique. The hoist is pushed by the electromagnetic brake, 3-period asynchronous motor by way of the worm equipment and a pair of diminished gears. The steel wire rope goes by means of the rope guiding method to raise the system or any other load.

Safety System

We advise you use hoist jointly with the safety lock, LSB30 or LSL30. The safety lock is the drop-arrest system to avoid the threat introduced by the damaged steel wire rope.

CZPT Handle System

We have electric control panel to manage one hoist, two hoist and several hoist.
And for solitary hoist, the control panel can be installed to the hoist for the usefulness. 



Shenxi Ltd3 Traction Hoist