Napkin Tissue Baler Machine

Napkin Tissue Baler Machine

A, Primary machine

A. Using PLC and servo motors. Travel rolls, belts, fetching baggage, place, in-feed bags and sealing

Portion should be pushed by servo motors. Item transfer, feeding, pushing, bag fetching, bag opening,

Trim selection are complete automated.

1) Automatically set facial packs into one column or 2 columns (1-5 packs for each column) by touch

Monitor, then push them into bundler.

2) Into bag: Push prefab luggage by Vacuum belt and open up them with sucker, then pusher push facial

Packs into luggage.

three) Sealing: Gusset format, warmth sealing and sealing edge is straight and ho burrs. This element has its

Very own temperature handle method.

4) Trim: To trim collector with vacuum technique

five) Male-equipment interface: For easy operation, established parameters in the functioning panel., which have

Preserve and debugging functions.

B. Alarm method: Immediately show faults effortless for keep.

C. Keep track of: Monitor luggage and solution and equipment should be cease when no luggage or solution

D. Prefab baggage storing: two stores and the up is constant.

E. Bagging: two columns or one column, vertical route to bag, correct tightness and lovely

F. Equipment should be automatically bag transmission and bundling and cease and alarm when bag

G. Bundling structure: three, 4, five, six, 8, ten, 12 packs for every single bundle, adjustable

H. Device ought to be equipped with overload security and equipment quit at overload and could

Reset manually after overload and allow servo method be back to preliminary phase (home little by little).

I. Safety control-device should stop in two-3 seconds after pressing Unexpected emergency Stop Button

Crisis Stop should reduce off electricity, compressed air, pump, and many others.

Napkin Tissue Baler Machine